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 Your purchase supports a small business. I make original designs with simple hand tools.....definitely handmade as the old masters  have done! 
            My studio is located on the beautiful coast of Maine.
                                   Enjoy and thank you for your interest!

A round bangle hammered  twice on both the outside edge and the side edge of the bangle. 

Forging is at its best when it is used to make these elegant forms!  This design pairs quite nicely with the triple faceted plane bracelet. 

Combine silver bangles with gold filled bangles and create a sculptured stack of bracelets on your arm!


Sizing: If you  need  a size different than the standard offerings, click "other"  when ordering. During checkout in the cart enter your size needs in the box " add a note". Or use the "contact" option from the top menu.

2 plane bangle

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