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Working on new designs soon. Its time to start getting ready for a new year 

Folks are  welcomed to my studio showroom in Yarmouth, call 846-5802 for an appointment. 

And, as always, a gift certificate works nicely! They are available on, at the studio, or phone.

It has been a wonderful year. I really appreciate your enthusiasm for my work. I am fortunate to love what I do.
Thank you for you support.


Shop local this season.

Fall certainly is a transition season. For me it is a real shift in activities. There was a steady series of shows in September so I took it easier in October! At least I was not travelling each weekend!

Swimming has given way to hiking.  Thoughts of how to change the gardens next year begin to roll around my head. As we near winter, I begin to shift to the process of designing and thinking of new details in my work. It never stops! I guess that is why, after all these years, there is still  intrique and wonder  for me in my process.

Judith Barker Jewelry

 Judith Barker designs and makes silver and gold jewelry with a strong influence of the natural world. The textures of bark, lichen, twigs, and rock forms combined with the  joyful elements of movement and sound that will make this jewelry a pleasure to wear.

Explore these interesting abstract  designs in this elegant  jewelry. Offered in earrings, bracelets, pendants and brooches...all arty handmade pieces with warmth and character!

And of course your purchase supports a local small business.

Thank you.

Judith's work can be found at the following locations.


Markings Gallery

  50 Front St in Bath, Me. 04530.


 Rockland, Me. 04841

A Silver Lining

21 Townsend Ave.

Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Royal River Book Store

Yarmouth, Me. 04096 

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Boothbay Maine


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Bangles    Birches   Bracelets   Circles       Flowers       Hoops 

Hearts    Sterling & 22k   Sunburst   Twigs & Spirals   Fall 2022  


© 2021 Judith Barker. Proudly created by Dead Rat Productions

Beach rose earring in sterling silver
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